The Dutch lead the world, in many ways, in both their maritime and technical capability. They are famed for their pragmatism and people-centred approach to business. They are also arguably the most environmentally proactive.

All these factors come together in the Digital Ship Maritime CIO forum Rotterdam in September, where we look at how the Dutch maritime industry is moving forward in its use of digital technology.

A common problem with digital technology is the gulf between what customers need and what technology companies are ready to provide. Customers and domain experts find it hard to get engaged in the technology, and the technology itself is incomprehensible. "Low code" software, where a Rotterdam born software startup called Mendix leads the world, potentially bridges this gap. Does this sort of technology have a role to play in shipping?

Call for speakers - we are keen to hear from people from shipping companies with experiences or ideas to share about how they have used digital technology to add value to their operations. Please contact conference producer Vaida Stockunaite on to discuss further