- 15 February 2018

Cyber security is undoubtedly on our agenda with ever-increasing threats being proved able to disrupt our business continuity. Real life examples in the maritime industry, and related sectors including ports, terminals and the supply chain, clearly demonstrate the impact of cyber-attacks. 

An up-to-date insight into the cyber-threat landscape is imperative to protect our business processes and data from cyber-attacks, damage or security breaches. Ship operators need to analyse potential risks, explore the legal aspects, and incorporate cyber resilience into their daily operations in order to organise business operations to reduce cyber vulnerability.  

In this era of the connected ship, with developments such as the cloud, IoT, electronic data exchange in the logistic chain, electronic navigation systems, we increasingly rely on technology, which makes cyber resilience business-critical. So, how do we embed this into the maritime organisation? How do we incorporate cyber security into all our systems and operations? And if incidents occur, how do we respond and make the necessary contingency or recovery plans? In another words, how do we build and maintain a cyber resilient organisation throughout the total supply chain? We will investigate regulations and guidelines to develop a safe, compliant, cyber capability in shipping. 

The human factor is often regarded the weakest link. Ship operators need to increase cyber awareness among both in the office and onboard. In this Forum, we will discuss best practices, including ways to mobilise internal commitment, set up training and incorporate cyber awareness into procedures. 

Building on the success of the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forums in Rotterdam, Athens and Hamburg in 2017, the Digital Ship Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum Rotterdam 2018 will address the issues that companies need to learn more about in order to meet the Cyber Challenge head on.

Four focused sessions will cover the following key topics, and more:

Session 1

Facing the Cyber Threat: An Overview of Maritime Cyber Challenges and Focus on Building Resilience

  • What is the current cyber threat landscape?
  • What are the major cybersecurity risks and threats affecting the industry?
  • Is cyber the true disruptive innovation in maritime?
  • Reviewing the cyber threat across other sectors and lessons learnt.

Session 2

Business Planning and Cyber Preparedness

  • Balancing cyber resilience with the business case.
  • Best practices - modern connectivity.
  • Mitigating risk - Identify, assess, respond.
  • Safeguarding cyber security in an increasingly automated world.

Session 3

New Developments in Maritime Cyber Regulations and Guidelines

  • Standardising and sharing KPIs and guidelines.
  • Legal, financial and insurance implications.
  • The implications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • The future of cyber reporting.

Session 4

Training, Awareness & Human Factor

  • Turning guidance to training for the shipping industry.
  • How to asses and change an organisations behaviour to respond to the cyber threat.
  • Mobilising internal commitment on-board and on-shore.
  • Incorporating cyber awareness into daily operations and procedures.

Digital Ship’s Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum will bring advisors, end-users, technology providers and policy makers together, aiming to:

  • Understand, define and assess the threats and risk of maritime cyber-attack
  • Raise awareness of cyber security and risk issues and identify increased cooperation and information sharing mechanisms
  • Discuss appropriate regulation and guidelines for clearer standards throughout the industry, and with authorities

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Confirmed speakers include:

  • René de Vries, Harbour Master, Port of Rotterdam
  • Marco van Rijsinge, Company Security Officer, Spliethoff Group
  • Ken Munro, Security Entrepreneur & Writer, Pen Test Partners
  • Pete Adsett, IT Manager & Certified Ethical Hacker, MOL LNG 
  • Jack Hatcher, Legal Director & Mariner, Hill Dickinson LLP 
  • Ian MacLean, Partner, Hill Dickinson LLP 
  • Andrew Webster, Partner, JLT Specialty 
  • Matthijs van der Wel, Director Cyber Threat Intelligence & Incident Response, PwC
  • Prof.dr. Bibi van den Berg, Member, Dutch Cyber Security Council, Professor Cyber Security Governance & Head Research, Cyber Security Governance Institute Security and Global Affairs, Universiteit Leiden
  • Dr Chris Henny, Project Manager, CSO Alliance
  • Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist, Thycotic
  • Chronis Kapalidis, Academy SNF Fellow, International Security Department, Chatham House
  • Aron Frank Sørensen, Head of Maritime Technology & Regulation, BIMCO
  • Marijn van Schoote, Security Officer, Port of Rotterdam
  • Nick Lambert, Maritime Domain Expert, NLA Ltd.
  • Stein Are Hansen, Senior Intelligence & Exercise Advisor, Norwegian Shipowners’ Mutual War Risks Insurance Association
  • Geert Janssens, Enterprise Architect and CISO, Dutch Pilots Corporation
  • Ad Krikke, CISO, DSM
  • Jamie Akhtar, CEO & Co-Founder, CyberSmart